• Is the place open 24x7?

Yes. Emergency services are offered 24 by 7. For elective non emergency OPD consultations please contact helpdesk .

  • How far is Hospital from station?

DHH is one kilometer away from Central Bus Stand and half a kilometer away from Railway station.

  • What are the fees of Doctors?

Kindly refer to our Tariff chart for more details. (link)

  • On call appointments?

Please Call on: 0721-2566585, 7769086383

  • What are the services offered?

Please navigate to our webpage for more info Click Here.

  • Who should I meet first at Hospital?

Those who know about their ailments should ask for specific specialist doctor at Reception desk (refer to the panel - link); while the others who have no information about their illness, can meet our medical officers in the OPD. The Medical Officers shall do the primary screening and then guide you to the concerned specialist doctor.

  • Can I only use the Pathology Services at Hospital?

Surely, any walk-in patient can avail our diagnostic and pathology services even prescribed from other doctors outside DHH. We would be happy to serve you all.

  • How can I associate with Hospital?

Being a social healthcare enterprise, we have a spectrum of affiliations for volunteering. Kindly navigate to our webpage - (link)

  • What are the Insurance Services offered?

We do have select Cashless Mediclaim tie ups refer to - link / email

  • Do you provide Internships?

We do not have accreditation for medical internships as of now. Instead we do offer observer, trainee posts to undergraduate medical students, nurses, lab technicians and paramedics. Click on Careers option on webpage

  • Where is Outreach Initiatives functioning?

For our outreach initiatives please follow the link.

  • Who all are the Target Beneficiaries?

To know more about beneficiary data and related statistics please click -

  • Ambulance Services?

Call on - 83902 53809

  • What Diagnostics Services do you provide?

We have Pathology lab, Radiology services which include Ultrasonography, X-Ray. To know more please refer Niramay Wellness.

  • I have been advised a Surgery, I need a second opinion.

We would be happy to help our patients. Please checkout the Panel of Surgeons and their speciality with appointment.

  • Is Hospital equipped to handle Accidental Polytrauma cases?

Yes. Our institute is one of the few ones in the region having a multidisciplinary team to handle all sorts of accidents and trauma patients. We have orthopedic surgeon, General surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Oral-Maxillofacial surgeon to cater to polytrauma patients. With the state of the art intensive care facilities, our hospital is well equipped to support critical trauma patients.

  • I want to know more about Painless Delivery.

DHH is offering painless delivery (Labor Analgesia) to the pregnant women over last decade. It is one of the very few centers offering this service under the supervision of specialist doctors. To know more please click here

  • I want to know more about Cancer Surgery?

We offer Surgical options to various cancers especially Breast Cancer, Oral and Head and Neck cancers, Thyroid Tumors, Gastrointestinal and abdominal as well as Gynecological cancers. We do not offer chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. But we do consult and refer our Cancer patients to nearest Cancer Centers where we have our reference.

  • List of minimally invasive surgeries at Hospital.

Our institution is well equipped with various minimally invasive equipments like Laparoscopic surgery for Intra-abdominal as well as Gynecological situations, urology (kidney, prostate and related) surgeries, Endoscopy ( Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy) etc. To know more please click here